Honeywell Train Switches

Honeywell train switches were originally qualified by General Motors Electromotive Division to 1,000,000 cycles. Train switch customers have since confirmed Honeywell units in service on EMD locomotives for up to 20 years, without failure.

EMD Fan Control – Honeywell’s Fan Control thermal switches are specifically designed and qualified to operate the cooling fan contactor on EMD locomotive engines. This thermal switch is non-adjustable, thermally stable and is provided in a continuous range of temperature setpoints shown in the table below.


It uses large rugged contacts, high armature force and large snap-acting discs. This enables the fan control thermal switch to meet rugged performance requirements.


The base sensing module of the switch is a hermetically sealed element ensuring long life through a large range of environments. 

Thermal Management – Honeywell’s Thermal Management thermal switches are specifically designed for applications that require high current capacity and are subject to high vibration and shock. This series is capable of handling 7 amperes resistive load at 120 VAC RMS and 2.5 amperes inductive load at 28 VDC.


This series comes as SPST or SPDT configurations (see below).

The base sensing module of the switch is a bimetallic element ensuring long life through a large range of environments. There is no better choice when it comes to cost and performance – specify Honeywell for your thermal control needs. Honeywell can provide custom packaging to meet the customer’s demanding requirements


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