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Since 1983 LKD Aerospace has been a leading aftermarket supplier to the aerospace industry. LKD’s policies and procedures comply with industry standards and applicable regulatory agencies. LKD is also AS9100D certified.

LKD meets and exceeds the highest customer requirements for quality. We have the highest supplier rating with the Boeing Company and are ranked Gold for both quality and delivery. LKD also has the highest supplier ratings for the Cessna Aircraft Company and has a Stars 2000 rating of 1 for both schedule and quality.


LKD’s FAA Repair Station #1LKR990Y is certified to FAR145 for Limited Accessories and Limited Instruments.



LKD’s Manufacturing division’s quality system follows industry standards including:



LKD’s distribution quality system follows industry standards including:

      • ATA Spec 106


LKD Aerospace’s Quality Manual outlines the procedures that are followed in the procurement, receiving inspection, warehouse storage, material control, outgoing inspection and shipment for all aircraft parts. These procedures safeguard the quality process and provide customer assurance of the following:

      • Receiving and Customer Shipping Inspections
      • Vendor Surveillance
      • Procurement Integrity
      • Trace to OEMs, Airlines, RO Facilities or other
      • FAA Approved Sources
      • Material Certification in accordance with ATA 106
      • Document Control and Record Keeping
      • View Our Quality Audit Self Survey
      • Employee Training
      • Quality Assurance Policies


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AS9100D Certified

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