QA-2000 Accelerometer

Proven time and time again, Honeywell’s Q-Flex QA-2000 single axis quartz accelerometer is the ubiquitous inertial navigation standard across the industry because of its unparalleled accuracy, durability and quality.


The QA-2000 is the predominant sensor used in today’s commercial and military aircraft strap-down inertial navigation systems. The long-term repeatability and superior reliability characteristics of the QA-2000 make it the best value inertial navigation-grade accelerometer available on the market today.


As with the entire Q-Flex family of accelerometers, the QA-2000 features a patented Q-Flex etched-quartz-flexure seismic system and its amorphous quartz proof-mass structure provides excellent bias, scale factor and axis alignment stability.


The integral electronics develops an acceleration-proportional output current providing both static and dynamic acceleration measurement. By use of customer supplied output load resistor, appropriately scaled for the acceleration range of the application, the output current can be converted into a voltage.


The QA-2000 has three performance grades to best meet customers’ performance requirements.


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