LKD Aerospace is a leading distributor of Honeywell’s world-class, high-performance INS/GPS units.

World Class gTALIN INS/GPS Units

TALIN® is built with Honeywell’s industry leading, high-accuracy ring laser-gyro and accelerometers for unparalleled performance. With over 15,000 TALIN systems deployed by land, air and sea on more than 60 military and commercial platforms worldwide, Honeywell’s inertial systems represent a proven, battle-tested solution.

Honeywell’s TALIN family products provides precise, reliable, best-value solution for INS/GPS navigation. TALIN is ideal for GPS-denied environments and provides a quality solution when compared with other navigation systems. TALIN is easily installed and can be hard mounted in any orientation, providing a smaller, lighter and more reliable performance than other available solutions. Performance levels are configurable to meet a range of price and capability requirements. From the high value TALIN 2000 to the exceptionally accurate TALIN 6000 we offer the right solution for your application.


Key Honeywell Advantages: 

The TALIN family includes a range of products tailored to your application

  • Military vehicles and tanks where pointing accuracy and precision navigation in GPS denied conditions is critical – the serial interface TALIN, the gTALIN with an embedded GPS and the Ethernet capable eTALIN II can be customized to fit your platform. The eTALIN Mini provides an option when physical space is at a premium.
  • Artillery – aTALIN has an Ethernet interface and is specially designed to withstand high shock environments.

Honeywell INS/GPS Units




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