LKD Aerospace is the leading distributor of Honeywell’s world-class, high-performance IMUs.

World Class Inertial Measurement Units

For the past three decades, Honeywell has engineered and manufactured high-performance and industry-leading, micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS) and ring laser gyro (RLG) based inertial measurement units (IMUs).

These IMUs are used on nearly every aircraft flying and are trusted by millions of passengers to navigate them to their destination every day. 

As the aviation industry evolves and new applications enter the market, Honeywell IMUs continue to serve the needs of aerospace customers and several emerging customer applications including autonomous vehicles, communications, marine, mobile mapping, oil and gas, platform stabilization and much more.  

Inertial measurement units (IMUs) use gyroscopes and accelerometers to sense rotation and acceleration. They can be used in any application for which it’s important to accurately measure and compensate for vibration and motion under the most challenging conditions.

You can trust Honeywell inertial measurements to work for you and your company’s application because they’re highly accurate, they’re proven and they’ll work when you need them at the advertised performance specifications. 


Easily connect your Honeywell IMU to host equipment with an LKD Aerospace Flextape.

Key Honeywell Advantages: 

  • World-class inertial sensor development, calibration and compensation
  • Units feature a range of user-configurable options with selectable output data rates and filtering
  • RS-422 Asynchronous and SPI Interface protocols. CAN interface available upon request
  • Proven reliability, dependability and ruggedness

Honeywell IMUs

HG1125 IMU

HG1700 IMU

HG1900 IMU

HG1930 IMU

HG5700 IMU

HG9900 IMU


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