Energy Accelerometers

Honeywell produces the QAT (160C and 185C versions) and the Mini Q (150C, 185C and 200C) high-temperature accelerometers for down hole measurement-while-drilling and wireline applications. 

These accelerometers utilize Honeywell’s Q-Flex design, the industry standard in Aerospace, ruggedized for high temperature and specifically customized for the demands of oil and gas applications.

As with the entire Q-Flex family of accelerometers, QAT and Mini Q products feature a patented Q-Flex etched-quartz-flexure seismic system and its amorphous quartz proof-mass structure provides excellent bias, scale factor and axis alignment stability.

The integral Q-Flex electronics develop an acceleration-proportional output current providing both static and dynamic acceleration measurements. By use of a customer-supplied output load resistor, appropriately scaled for the acceleration range of the application, the output current can be converted into a voltage.


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