Aerospace MRO Services Offered by LKD Aerospace

Aerospace MRO for limited accessories and limited instruments - FAA FAR145 Repair Station #1LKR990Y

  • Capabilities include CF6-50 and CF6-6 EGT Harnesses "8TE34 Series" and “8TK34
    Series” Thermocouple Leads, Multiple instruments and Thermal Switches. Click here for
    LKD Capabilities List.





  • FAA Approval of Limited Accessories and Limited Instruments
  • LKD MRO Team is OEM Trained and Has Extensive Experience in MRO Services

Creative and Flexible Contracts Tailored to Your Requirements

  • Fixed Prices
  • Time and Materials
  • Cost Per Flight Hour
  • Extended Warranty Programs

Spares and Exchange Programs

  • Outright Purchase
  • Forward Exchanges

Aggressive and Guaranteed Turn Times

24/7 AOG Support










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