High Rel 700 Series

The 700 Series is rooted at the start of the Space Age – this series is a purpose-designed product to support manned and unmanned space applications. The oldest precursors to the current design are still functioning on Pioneer and Voyager and more than 25,000 700 series have been deployed to space since this series introduction in 1995.

With a facility that includes clean rooms, cryogenic nitrogen lines, in-house test engineering and equipment manufacture, processes capable of producing bimetallic mechanisms from -100° to 700°F to materials such as Inconel X-750 header plate, phase change glass to metal seals and 304L cases — we are well-suited to support space needs.

The capabilities of our technology and time-tested products are evolving with market demands. Most notably, the increasing use of higher voltage lithium-ion batteries leading to “buss” voltages greater than 28Vdc, and requests for lower temperature operation and ambient temperatures below -110°F and -184°F. The design is continuously qualifying (every sealing lot) and improving. De-rating is encouraged. Our designs are international traffic in arms regulations (ITAR) controlled and portions are proprietary.






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